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There are 6214 works of art in this category

Family Portrait

Schultz, Daniel II. 1615-1683

Portrait of Chancellor A.A. Bezborodko

Anonymous Artist, early 19th century

Holy Family within the Garland of Flowers

Loir, Nicolas. 1624-1679; Monnoyer, Jean-Baptiste. 1636-1699

Allegory of Voluptuousness

Batoni, Pompeo Girolamo. 1708-1787

The Singing Lesson

Aldewereld, Herman van. 1628/29-1669

Portrait of A.K. Nartov

Landscape with a Herd

German painter

Eating Farmer

German artist

The Reconciliation between David and Absalom

Verdoel, Adriaen I, c. 1620-1675

Hunting Trophies

Diepenbeek, Abraham van. 1596-1675; Boel, Pieter. 1622-1674

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

Mieris, Willem. 1662-1747

Beginning the Riding (Horseman)

Cuyp (Kuip), Aelbert (Aelbrecht), copy after. 1620-1691

Quails and Autumn Grasses

Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Matisse, Henri. 1869-1954

Temptation of St Antony

Teniers, David II. 1610-1690

Adoration of the Magi

Maratti, Carlo, workshop of. 1625-1713


There are 3626 works of art in this category

Design of the Study with Pictures. Section

Quarenghi, Giacomo. 1744-1817

View of a Street of Langeac

Serrier, Georges Pierre Louis. 1852-1949

Performance in the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St.Petersburg

Sadovnikov, Vasily. 1800-1879

View of the Nikolayevsky (Anichkov) Palace in St Petersburg

Weiß, Joseph Andreas. 1814-1887

Card with Letter “Д“

Terebenyov, Ivan. 1780-1815

Landscape with a Castle. A Salutation

Thomas de Thomon, Jean Francois. 1760-1813

View of the City of Etain

Parent, Léon. 1869-1943

Portrait of a Count I. Vorontsov-Dashkov

O'Connell, Frederike Emilia. 1823-1885

Design of the Decoration for the Resurrection Gate in Moscow on the Occasion of the Coronation of Pavel I

Gonzaga, Pietro di Gottardo. 1751-1831

Second Winter Palace. The Facade of the Neva. Draft

Mattarnovi, Georg Johann. 1719

Report on the Imperial Hunting in1911

Frentz, Rudolf. 1831-1918

"The Facade of the Central Building of the Admiralty in St Petersburg"

Anonymous Artist, first half of the 18th century

Caricature Head of a Man in a Wig

Ghezzi, Pier Leone. 1674-1755


Thomas de Thomon, Jean Francois. 1760-1813

Design for the Reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Quarenghi, Giacomo. 1744-1817

Interiors of the New Hermitage. The Picture Gallery

Ukhtomsky, Konstantin. 1818-1881


There are 211 works of art in this category

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Portrait of Peter II

Anonymous Artist

Woman with a Tray

Portrait of Peter The Great as a Young Man

Anonymous Artist

Girl with Bird

Portrait of Emperor Paul I

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Indian Prince with a Musician and a Servant

Miniature with Views of a Moslem Building

Battle (The Combat of Gav and Talhand , the Invention of the Game of Chess ? )

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Princess Maria Fiodorovna

Viollier, Henri François Gabriel, attributed. 1750-1829

Convivial Party

Riza-i Abbasi. 1635

Poet and Muse

Miniature with a Portrait of Emperor Akbar II

Oval Icon Representing Luke the Evangelist

Portrait of Empress Elizaveta Alekseevna

Duchesne, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph. 1770-1856

Snuffbox with the Portrait of Infantry General Count A.F.Langeron

Bramson, Ludwig?-1853


There are 3805 works of art in this category

Empty Quiver

De Launay, Nicolas. 1739-1792

Pl.V. "il devra... poures en lo". Continuation of the text in an ornamental frame

Portrait of Minister of Finance, General, Count Egor F. Cancrin


The family of King Frederick William III

Portrait of General I.F. Paskevich

Anonymous printmaker

The Sword Swallower (L'Avaleur de sabres)

Catherine II with Family Members and Courtiers

Portrait of Grand Princess Elena Pavlovna

Between Korytnya and Krasny. 3 (15) November 1812

Federer, Friedrich. 1819-1853

Portrait of Prince Aleksandr I. Bariatinsky

Adam, Jean Victor. 1801-1867; Schultz

Emperor Nicholas I and Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna

Schmid, Heinrich. Active-mid-19th century

Portrait of Claude-Joseph Vernet

Cathelin, Louis Jacques. 1738-1804


Christ Preaching: The "Hundred Guilder Print". B.74

Cover of 'L'estampe originale'

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de. 1864-1901

Doge Sets Off on Board a Bucintoro to the Island of Lido on the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin

Brustolon, Giovanni Battista. 1712-1796